Weightless by Kandi Steiner – Review

Photo Courtesy of Kandi Steiner Author

I follow Kandi on most social media platforms. She had a follower message her about this book, and it wasn’t one that I had ever read before, so I thought I would check it out because I love all of Kandi’s books that I have read. This book did not disappoint. Natalie was one of the most relatable characters to me. The things she’s dealt with in life are something that most high school girls can relate too. I could almost see myself in Natalie. This book is also full of surprises as well, it didn’t take the path that I was expecting but I think that’s what made it so hard to put down!

Natalie is the step daughter of a man that basically owns the entire town of Poxton Beach. A little on the heavy side, she’s been living her life, but when her high school boyfriend breaks up with her, she decides she needs to make a change (with a little push from her mother). Enter Rhodes, the town bad boy. He’s here to be Natalie’s trainer and nothing more. As their stories unfold, it seems their lives are more entwined than either wanted them to be. Can Natalie bring Rhodes away from the dark and help him see his worth? Or will Rhodes do what he does best and push her away?

Link to Purchase from Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/Weightless-Kandi-Steiner-ebook/dp/B01GY95VZE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1548880713&sr=8-1&keywords=weightless+by+kandi+steiner

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