Shaft by Krista Gold – Review

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

This book is a quick read with an instant connection and some dirty scene’s revolving around being trapped in an elevator. Allie has had the worst start to her day, she’s already running late when she gets into the elevator to head to an interview. When Nate gets into the elevator with her, there is an instant attraction, how could there not be?! Two insanely attractive people in an elevator. When the elevator stops due to a power outage all bets are off on how the two plan to pass the time. I will say, that I need more. I need to know what happens after for these two!

Krista is a new Indie author, and she reached out to me about reading ‘Shaft’ and giving it a share on my Instagram page – @booklover0816 – I was happy to do that, and even happier to discover a new author that I will be keeping tabs on in 2019 for new releases! She has another book that released in October 2018, that I can’t wait to dive into!

Shaft is a novella, that thankfully, Krista is writing a follow-up for! If you are looking for a short and steamy story look no further!

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