Diary of a Bad Boy by Meghan Quinn – EXCERPT!


The phone buzzes next to me and I see my number flash across the screen. Gah, miracles do happen. Maybe he wants to meet up, that would just tickle me pink.

I glance at my kitty jam jams. Oy, I’m not dressed for a phone switch, although, who really cares at this point. All I’m worried about is getting my phone back and shedding myself of this irritating man. 
I open up the text.

Roark: What are you wearing?

Is he freaking serious right now?
The nerve of this man. 
An abundance of anger lights up my veins, sending a furious blush straight to my cheeks as I pound out a response.

Sutton: How dare you ask me that? You’ve been nothing but a complete jerk to me, holding my phone hostage, and skipping meeting after meeting. You can’t just act like we’re friends now. You pompous idiot.

That should do it. With a smile, I set the phone down, satisfied with my response. 
Until he texts back.

Roark: I’m going to take that as you’re wearing a full-on onesie with kittens chasing yarn on it.

Mouth dropped, I scan my pajamas, wondering how on earth he knew . . .
My freaking photos.

Sutton: Stop looking through my phone! That’s so rude.

DIARY OF A BAD BOY drops March 7th! You do not want to miss Roark’s and Sutton’s story! Add to your TBR: https://bit.ly/2FTTLuf

You can also text READ to 474747 for a text message alert for when this book (and further Meghan Quinn books) release!

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