The Wrong Gentleman by Louise Bay – Review

Landon Wolf is a man who likes to keep to himself. After working with the Special Forces and then running his own business, which he sold for a lot of money, he is taking a break before he begins his new job. The new job, a consultant for MI6. When an old friend asks for Landon’s help, he can’t turn him down. After all, how hard can it be to be a deckhand after years in the military. What Landon doesn’t count on is meeting a girl who can change it all.

Skylar is a stewardess, who has just been given the opportunity to be Chief Stewardess on a yacht for a successful businessman. She experienced something at a young age, that no one should have to experience, and it shaped the woman that she is today. She has sworn off men, and her standards are incredibly high, and pretty impossible to reach. She’s ready to get this season underway. However, the night before her job starts, she meets a guy who she connects with, but a one-night stand is all either have to offer. Needless to say, the one-night stand turns a little complicated when Skylar and Landon discover they are apart of the same charter and crew on the Sapphire.

The undeniable chemistry between Landon and Skylar kicks off right away and doesn’t waiver. Landon’s charm made him a character that you couldn’t help but like, and it was easy to admire Skylar’s independent ways. The way that the two work together and navigate through unchartered territory was fun and easy to read. I also appreciated that we got a glimpse of Avery and Hayden! ‘The Wrong Gentleman’ was a great read, and I can only hope that maybe Louise will give us a story about August!

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