Bennett Mafia by Tijan – Review

‘I hated Kai Bennett. Or I thought so. Yes, I did. I did. But my body didn’t.’

First and foremost, let me start out by saying that Carter Reed is hands down one of my all-time favorite books, and he is one of my favorite characters, not just in Tijan’s books but in all books. But holy crap did Kai Bennett come in and nearly knock my man off the top spot!

Kai is the head of the Bennett Mafia family. He is skilled in many things and he is a man who knows what he wants and how to get it. Riley was his little sister, Brookes, roommate at boarding school. When Brooke goes missing, Kai will stop at nothing to get his sister back, and that means kidnapping the one person who could help Brooke hide and not be found. The sparks immediately fly when the two see each other for the first time in years, and the sparks continue to intensify as they get closer to the end game. As certain things begin to be revealed to Riley, she has to ask herself, can she change who she is in order to be the woman at Kai’s side? Or will she go back to her old life and forget the Bennett’s all together?

I sat at work for an entire day and didn’t do actual work in order to read this book in its entirety. Tijan has a way with words that make her books hard to put down. This book has dark undertones, but the romance also comes through and you can’t help but root for Kai and Riley to figure it out and be together. The way that the story unfolds while you read and the things that you learn about the characters past and present, make for an amazing book that you won’t want to stop reading. And the secondary characters in this book will leave you begging for more from them. I’ve got my fingers crossed that we get many more books from this series!

This book releases on March 4th, 2019 and will be a live release on Amazon. It is available for preorder through other retailers and the paperback is available for preorder from Amazon at this link –

*I was provided an ARC copy from the author for an honest review.*

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