Ex’s Best Friend by Aubrey Wright – Review

‘I mean I thought it was a big deal. You don’t normally come crashing into my bedroom like that.’ ‘I didn’t crash…I knocked and tiptoed creepily.’

This book had some of the funniest moments in it. From the very first page I was cracking up. However this book wasn’t just comedy, there was some suspense to it as well which I thoroughly enjoyed! Aubrey is a new to me author, I’ve previously only read one other book of hers and I have to say she is quickly becoming one of my favorites! This book has the forbidden relationship undertone as well as a friends to lovers theme. The chemistry between Michael and Emma was white hot and jumped off of the pages.

Emma is a writer, working a day job as a waitress as she tries to finish up her second book. Michael owns his own businesses and graciously gave Emma a place to stay when she moved to the city. Oh, and Michael is also Emma’s ex-boyfriend’s best friend and business partner. The two have harbored feelings for each other for many years. One night, Emma’s crush is revealed, and after that there is no going back. The journey through Emma and Mike’s relationship is one you don’t want to miss! At the end of the day the question for both character’s remains, if they try and make this happen, are they ready to suffer the consequences?

Available on Amazon and free for Kindle Unlimited Members – https://www.amazon.com/Exs-Best-Friend-Aubrey-Wright-ebook/dp/B07P6LW4V8/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=Ex%27s+Best+Friend&qid=1551315614&s=gateway&sr=8-7

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