Revelations of the Insecure by Tennsey Belle – Review

‘How ironic is it that you spend your whole life not being good enough, with people pushing you to change at every turn, but as soon as you make the conscious decision to change for yourself, they get their panties in a wad?’

Maggie is a fiery red head with sass to spare. Jayson is a hot hockey player whose heart was broken long ago. When the two meet at the gym, the meeting couldn’t be anymore awkward. As the Jayson begins to help Maggie with her fitness goals the two get to know each other and start spending more time together. There isn’t a question of chemistry between the 2, they have that in spades (although Maggie doesn’t care to acknowledge it), the question is, can Maggie move past her own insecurities and see herself as the same woman that Jayson sees?

‘Revelations of the Insecure’ is a sports romance book that is full of witty banter and a whole lot of sass from our resident red head, aka Maggie! The back and forth, not only between Jayson and Maggie, but all of the characters is hilarious and had me laughing out loud. I will say, that Maggie reminds me of another heroine I’ve read from another series and I absolutely love her! Tennsey has made Maggie one of the most relatable characters I’ve read in a while. To watch her transform throughout the book was something that I thoroughly enjoyed! Can I also just say that I need need need more Zeke, Colt, and Candice!! I cannot wait for the next book to release!

Revelations of the Insecure releases on March 3rd. Follow this link to preorder from Amazon –

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Instagram: @tennbellebooks


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