Bitter Rival by J. Sterling ~COVER REVEAL~

James Russo is enemy #1. 
Hating him is in my blood.

Our families have been at war for generations; a bitter rivalry with no end in sight. All I’ve ever wanted to do was make wine, but one night with James will cost me everything.

I shouldn’t be attracted to him…  but I am. 
I definitely shouldn’t want to sleep with him… but I do.

Is following my heart worth the risk of losing my vineyard and my legacy? Because in my family, there could be no greater betrayal than sleeping with the enemy.

Isn’t he gorgeous?! I can imagine that this book is going to be absolute fire! Follow this link to add Bitter Rival to your TBR list on Goodreads –

This book is an Amazon exclusive and will be FREE for Kindle Unlimited members, because of this there is no preorder.

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