Like Us Series by Krista and Becca Ritchie – Book Recommendation/Review

These books are seriously amazing. The first 3 are M/M and then the 4th book is F/M. Each and every book tells a beautiful story about blossoming relationships and how to handle them. I couldn’t get enough of Maximoff and Farrow, and then of Jane and Thatcher. The first 3 books are about Maximoff and Farrow, and how they start their relationships as client and bodyguard and how that relationship changes throughout the first book and then continues into the next two. The fourth book is about Jane and Thatcher. That book also shows how they work as client and bodyguard and how that relationship is forced to change, but changes for the better!

Krista and Becca write such beautiful stories and their words just capture you from the very beginning. They take you on a journey with their writing and you never want that journey to end. The chemistry between the characters is white hot and I couldn’t put these books down. I also appreciated the family aspect of these books. These 3 amazing families, the Hale’s, Cobalt’s, and Meadow’s families are just like your normal everyday families. Minus the fact that they are rich and have bodyguards ha! The camaraderie and the banter between the families and the couples is so wonderful to read. While they are each going through something that few can imagine, Krista and Becca make each of these characters relatable, and I think that is what makes each of these books so fantastic. I can’t wait for the next books in this series to release!

Link to grab all 4 books in this series from Amazon –

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