Diary of a Bad Boy by Meghan Quinn – Review

‘Although, I barely got any sleep last night, because good old ostrich-ass-in-the-air was in the other bedroom, f***ing with my head. But I won’t mention that to her.’

Roark McCool is the epitome of bad boy. Whiskey is his drink of choice, and fights are second nature to him. Sutton is your resident good girl. Fresh out of graduate school, she’s worked hard to make a name for herself and not use her father as a stepping stone. When a chance encounter, which involves hot dogs, and a fight, Sutton and Roark find themselves with their phones switched. As Sutton tries her best to get her phone back, Roark is enjoying this game. As the two become friends, and then both end up wanting more, Roark tries to hold himself back. After all, his list of issues is a mile long, and he knows she can never be what Sutton needs. But when push comes to shove and Sutton grows tired of the back and forth, Roark has to ask himself if he’s ready to be the man that Sutton not only needs but deserves?

I have been waiting for Roark’s book since Meghan released ‘The Secret to Dating Your Best Friends Sister’, and let me tell you, she came through for me! This book gave me all the feels, and some parts broke my heart, but this book never let me down! I know that I can’t count on Meghan for so many laughs when it comes to her books, but there was something about this book that struck a chord with me. The troubled bad boy, and daddy’s little girl, were so easy to fall in love with. I recommend this book to anybody that loves when a bad boy gets brought to his knees.

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