Mr. Fake Fiance by Aubrey Wright – Review

Joy is an aspiring dancer, working as a waitress and living with her mother. Braden is a successful business man who is trying to advance his company and turn it into an app. When the two meet, Braden can’t take his eyes off of Joy, she is a beautiful dancer and he is drawn to her. Through circumstances that are somewhat out of his control, Braden needs a fake fiancé, and Joy is who he thinks can handle the job. Joy has some issues of her own, and with what Braden is offering she may be able to finally make her dreams come true. When a wrench is thrown in, can the both Joy and Braden admit their feelings, or will they stay alone forever?

I have to say that I greatly appreciate that this book isn’t your typical cookie cutter romance. There is some suspense thrown in, that makes this book a page turner. I needed to know how things were going to turn out for everyone involved. Aubrey has a way of pulling the reader in, and like I said her books aren’t your typical romance. I do hope that Aubrey gives us some more of Liam and Kendra in another book because I definitely think there is a story there!

Link to purchase this book from Amazon or read for free with Kindle Unlimited –

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