3 Reviews in 1 Post for Nicole Rodrigues Double Play Series!!


Charlotte Daniels thought she knew what love was at a very young age. She was in irrevocably in love with Gabriel Gavinwood. However, a cruel twist of fate, and her heart was broken. Charlotte has been doing it by herself for 18 years. When Gabriel Gavinwood broke her heart at the tender age of 18, she vowed to do right by herself and her family. When another twist of fate thrusts the two back into each other’s lives, it’s easy to see that the chemistry is still there begging for them to act on it. There are two major questions that have to be answered before a happily ever after can ever be a part of their lives. Number one, can Charlotte forgive Gabriel for what he asked of her all of those years ago? And number two, can Gabriel forgive Charlotte for the secrets she’s kept all these years?

I discovered Nicole Rodrigues on Instagram of all places. Another person that I follow was raving about her books and I, being a lover of sports romance, decided to check this book out. I was hooked from the very beginning. This story line for this book drew me in, this troupe, like others that I’ve read always sucks me in because I wonder how the author will write it. Will the couple hold grudges, will they use things against each other things like that. With this story, I felt like there was some grudges but not anything that I felt like it dominated the entire book, which I’m grateful for. This book has real humor to it as well as some sad parts and I appreciate the balance between it all! Needless to say I’ll be jumping right into the next book in this series.


To say that Savannah Gavinwood’s life didn’t turn out the way she was hoping is a serious understatement. While she has a successful business of her own, no thanks to her awful ex-husband, her personal life is a mess. In comes Jackson Turner. The two met years ago when Jackson played baseball with Savannah’s brother, Gavin. The two have always had a thing for each other, but life has kept them apart. At Gavin and Charlotte’s wedding the two finally do what they’ve been wanting to do for years, and it’s better than either thought it could be. However, life has a funny way of throwing curveballs at you, can Savannah and Jackson take the curveballs and turn them into homeruns?

After reading the first book in the Double Play Series by Nicole Rodrigues, I wanted to know more about Savannah. She seemed so put together, but there were hints that her life wasn’t what it seemed. I enjoyed getting to dig deeper into her story, and find out more about her life. I also really enjoyed the banter between her and Jackson, as well as between her and Lacey. This story is about second chances, and how they can change your life. Nicole hit this one out of the park!


Bella is a member of the USA woman’s softball team. Damon plays baseball for Tampa. When the two meet up, they are both trying to get over their exes. Bella’s ex who cheated on her, and Damon’s ex, who decided she didn’t want to be with him through an injury. Their connection is instant, and their hookup is supposed to just be a one-time thing, but as the two navigate through their hook up, they realize that one time isn’t going to be enough. But when the past comes knocking, can the two trust each other and come out on the other side?

The book was fire from the word go. Bella and Damon burn up the pages, as well as the sheets. Their story is, like the first two in the series, a journey, and it’s one heck of a journey at that. I also have to say that I appreciate that we get to revisit characters from past books as well and learn how things are going for them. I also appreciate that each of these books, sets you up for the next book in the series so beautifully. I need more from Devin and Normani, and I definitely need to know more about Nico and Lacey. Once again, Nicole hit this one out of the park with her beautiful words and even more beautiful story!

Link in Bio to purchase these 3 books as well as preorder the next book in this series from Amazon –

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