Bittersweet Always by Ella Fields – Review

Pippa seems like she’s got it all together. She is a great friend, and a fierce protector. From the outside, Toby Hawthorne has it all together. He gets good grades, and he is a major asset to their college football team. Both have secrets, and their secrets are not something they want other people to know. Neither was looking for love, but it came out of nowhere and knocked them both out. When Pippa finds out what Toby is hiding, she is too far gone, she can’t stop it now. But when a blow up happens, Pippa has to ask herself, is Toby worth the pain?

This book touches on a very sensitive and sometimes hard to write topic, because mental illness affects people differently and the people around them differently. Ella handle it with such grace and skill, and the way she writes is honestly breathtaking. She has a way of talking about this tough topic but still has other parts that just lift you up! You could feel the emotion and the pain that Toby and Pippa (as well as the other characters) were dealing with throughout the entire story. You also couldn’t help but root for the two to figure it out. I also couldn’t help but root for Pippa’s dad as well! The way that these two love each other through it all, was something that was so beautiful to read. I appreciate the way that Ella makes you want to punch people and hug them all on the same page! Well done Ella, this book was amazing!

Link to purchase from Amazon or read for free with Kindle Unlimited –

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