Say I Do by Crystal Kaswell – Review

Say I Do is a box set by Crystal Kaswell that has three stories in it; Dangerous Rock, Pretend Your Mine, and Play Your Heart Out. Each of these stories is a page turner, and you won’t be able to put this book down until you’ve read each of these stories.

Dangerous Rock –

Joel and Bella meet up at a bar in Vegas, and let’s just say that what happens in Vegas, didn’t stay in Vegas. Joel is the exact opposite of Bella. He’s a rocker and does what he please, while Bella does what is expected of her. As their story unfolds, you see that Joel and Bella bring out the best in one another, she reigns him in a little and he gets her to express herself and be bold. This story is seriously swoon worthy, and I love Joel’s filthy mouth, and trust me you will too!

Pretend Your Mine –

I needed to know what Ryan’s story was from the very first book in this series! Ryan is a swoony tattoo artist, that is just trying to get through a breakup that left him shattered. Leighton is the receptionist at the Inked Hearts and has been crushing on Ryan for what seems like forever. When Ryan is put in an awkward situation by his ex, Leighton comes to his rescue. As the two get deeper into their ‘lie’ real feelings are coming alive. Can Ryan get over what happened and move on or is Leighton going to have to do the moving on?

Play Your Heart Out –

Jess and Pete, I don’t know that there could have been a more awkward/hilarious way for two characters to meet each other. Their first encounter is one for the record books. Pete is the bass player for Sinful Serenade, who had his heart broken. Therefore, he is hooking up with any willing female. Jess is working to support herself through law school and also dealing with a betrayal in her life. Pete needs a fake girlfriend to help with his public image and Jess the good girl that he needs. It’s the perfect setup, Jess can help clean up Pete’s image, and she gets the money that will help her through school. As the two get to know each other better, sparks fly, and their chemistry is white hot. The question is, can the two get over their past heartbreaks and move on or are they destined to be alone forever?

Link to purchase from Amazon or read for free with Kindle Unlimited –

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