CHANGEUP by Nicole Rodrigues – Review

Devin Gavinwood is living his dream. He is a star pitcher who just won the world series and got traded back to his hometown team. Normani is working at her dream job and trying to move forward from her past. The two, quite literally run into each other, and are instantly attracted to one another. When Devin comes into Normani’s place of work and tries to smooth talk her, she puts him in his place. From there on Devin knows what he wants and that is Normani. The question is, can Normani move forward from her past, and when her past comes knocking can Devin handle it?

This is the 4th book in the Double Play series, and this is the book I’ve been waiting on. Ever since the first book I have been wondering how life will play out for Devin and who Devin would end up with. Nicole didn’t disappoint with this book (but does she ever…NO). From the beginning of book 3, ‘Ballers with Benefits’ I was hoping that Devin and Normani would be the next pair that we got to read about. I also have to say that I greatly appreciate that Nicole keeps us updated and includes the characters from her previous books. That always makes books even better in my opinion. If you like sports, romance, and a little suspense this book is the book for you!

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