Meet Cute by Helena Hunting – Review

‘You do not want to manhandle me. I’m wearing stilettos, and they can cause some damage to parts you may be fond of.’ – Kailyn Flowers

Daxton Hughes is a Hollywood actor turned lawyer. Kailyn Flowers is also a lawyer. The two first met in law school and competed with each other their entire time there. Fast forward five years and the two meet again, although, a bit differently than they did the first time. When tragedy strikes Dax’s family, and he is battling to keep his sister, Kailyn is legally obligated to step in. The more time Daxton and Kailyn spend together, the more the sparks between the two of them fly. When what Kailyn has been wanting in her career is dangled in front of her, she has to decide what is more important. The question is, when the truth comes out, can Dax forgive Kailyn for what he feels is a betrayal?

I was first introduced to Helena Hunting through her Pucked Series (which if you haven’t read that yet, trust me you need to), and this book is just as amazing as those were. This book takes you on an emotional journey, from somber points, to moments that make you laugh out loud. That is what Helena does best, her writing evokes all different emotions, and that to me is what the best books do. This book is simply fantastic, and I recommend it to anyone that loves romance with a touch of sass and humor!

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