How to Date a Douchebag: The Lying Hours by Sara Ney – Review

Abe, is the team good guy. He does for everyone even when they don’t deserve it. His teammates call him ‘Grandpa’ because they go to him for advice. He’s a great student and a great wrestler. When one of his teammates, JB, gets broken up with Abe helps him out by setting him up on the campus dating app. Abe is trying to find the right match for JB not himself, but best laid plans don’t always work out.

Enter Skylar. She is a decent student, and a single girl, but not by choice. She reluctantly signs up for the campus dating app, and what do you know she matches with a guy who isn’t all that bad. They can joke around and the guy seems pretty great. Until the two actually meet up. The guy in front of her is nothing like the guy from the app.

As the story unfolds and Abe actually gets to meet Skylar they hit it off just as well in person and they did on the app when he was pretending. When Skylar learns the truth she is less than pleased, and from there it’s up to Abe to prove he can be the guy Skylar wants.

Sara Ney writes some of the funniest books I’ve ever read. I literally catch myself laughing out loud at certain points because it is just too much! This book was a great addition to the Douchebag series, and I hope we continue to get these. I also love that we got to touch base with one of the previous characters in the series and that he added some comedy as well! All in all I highly recommend this book for somebody that is looking for a quick and light-hearted read!

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