Boys of Bradshaw High by Meagan Brandy – Review

Raven hasn’t had an ideal life thus far. She doesn’t take crap from anybody and she does what she needs to survive. She isn’t afraid of a fight and doesn’t back down. When she gets moved from her mom’s home to a foster home and has to change high schools, she runs into three boys that give her a run for her money, one in particular.

Maddoc is the leader of the pack. On the outside he and his ‘brother’s seem like nothing more than bullies. When Raven starts at their school, they see her as trouble. She doesn’t back down when they come at her and they feel like she’s a threat to the hierarchy they’ve created. As certain situations arise, they realize that she isn’t what they thought she would be. When their world is threatened, they’ll stop at nothing to squash that threat, while they normally solve things as a group, Raven goes out on her own. Can she save the boys she’s grown to care for?

I saw a lot of teasers for the second book in this series, and was super intrigued so I read this book. Holy smokes, I was utterly blown away! This book reminded me so much of the Fallen Crest series by Tijan. I was constantly wondering what was going to happen next, I couldn’t put this book down! Meagan absolutely kept me engaged throughout the entire book. I am impatiently awaiting the arrival of the second book in this series, because that cliffhanger at the end gutted me!

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