Payback by Amy Daws – Review

Allie Harris was wronged. No other way to say it, her ex cheated on her in the worst possible way. She wants one thing, payback. Her cousin sets her up with a hot soccer player when she comes to London for a quick trip. Why not use Roan to help her with this payback?!

Fast forward two years and the two are thrust back into each other’s lives. Neither have forgotten their shared night together, and Roan will do anything to revisit that night! As the two get to know each other and navigate through their feelings, the guilt from the secret that Allie has been keeping from their first night together starts eating at her.

One night changes the course of everything for Allie and Roan. One mistake changed the course that they were on. Can Roan ever forgive Allie? Or are they destined to be apart forever?

Amy Daws. Amy freaking Daws. This book, there aren’t enough words for me to describe how much I LOVED THIS BOOK!! I have read all of the previous Harris family books, and fell in love with this family. Payback just blew all of those books out of the water. Don’t get me wrong, the Harris family books are still some of my all-time favorite books, but there is just something about Roan and Allie that did it for me. I laughed so hard at certain points I had tears running down my cheeks. There were other moments where my heart was broken. The way that Amy writes and the way that she can intertwine all of these characters lives and stories into her books is simply amazing. This book is one of the best books Amy has ever written. I’m just hoping we get a few more out of her with these characters 😉

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