Defenseless Hearts by Meagan Brandy – REVIEW

“She might be his as far as labels go, but I live inside her, just like she does me.” – Parker Baylor

Parker Baylor has been in love with Kenra Monroe since he was a freshman in high school. The first time they met, they were drawn to each other. However, that same day, somebody else showed an interest in Kenra. As the years went on, their secret friendship and stolen moments were all they had. After all, she belonged to someone else, and Kenra never could quite find the courage to leave. Alrick Falls is a small town, one that Parker has wanted to leave once he finished high school. His best friend Kalani gave him the opportunity to leave and he took it. When Kenra shows back up, Parker wants to turn her away, but he can’t, after all she is his kryptonite. Can the two figure out how to make this work between them, or will Kenra do what she always does and go back to the guy she shouldn’t?

I don’t know if I have ever yelled more while reading a book! Sometimes you just want to reach through the pages and slap the characters, and that is what I wanted to do with Kenra. I’m pretty sure I went through every emotion on the human spectrum while reading this book. This book was a journey, from start to finish I was enthralled and couldn’t put the book down. I needed to know what was going to happen and I needed to know if my Parker was going to finally get the love he deserved. This was a great addition to the Tender Hearts Series, and I love that we got to catch up with Kalani and Nate, while learning more about Parker and his relationship with Kenra. I also loved that we got to see even more of the friendship between Kalani and Parker. I promise this book will leave you begging for more, in the best possible way!


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