Changing Lines by Toni Aleo – REVIEW

Claire and Jude have been living their best life for the last 10 years. College sweethearts, they have been through it all. The one they want is to have a baby, but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards for them. They are planning to adopt a baby, they’ve finally set down more roots in Minnesota, they are living the good life…and then Jude gets traded. That wrench thrown in their perfectly laid out plans, throws them for a loop, but the two know that their love can get them through anything.

Claire and Jude have always been one of my favorite couplings from Toni Aleo. I fell in love with them in ‘Boarded by Love’ and have loved being able to do quick catch ups with them in other novels that Toni has written. This book was such a quick but awesome read, I enjoyed getting to catch up with Jude and Claire in a more in-depth way. I love that in every book Toni makes her characters so relatable. As someone who is currently struggling with this now, it was a breath of fresh air to read about it. I only wish we could get more and more from all of her characters! 

Changing Lines by Toni Aleo is available NOW!

“Be still my heart! Toni has done it once again!”

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