Forever and Never by Ella Fields – REVIEW –

‘Out of all the reasons I steered clear of Lars Bradby, it was the storm that slept in his eyes that kept my heart from running away, exploring, and eventually, sinking.’ – Daphne Morris

I have read quite a few books by Ella Fields, but I have to tell you, this is hands down my favorite. I couldn’t put it down, I had to keep going, I had to know what was going to happen next. We first met Daphne and Lars in ‘Kiss and Break Up’, from the moment they were introduced to us there, I was intrigued at how or if their story would play out. From the very beginning I was drawn in, and I fell in love with Daphne and Lars’ story. Two characters that face insurmountable odds and who have to figure out if in the end their love is worth the work that has to be put in, I don’t know that any other author could have wrote a better story than Ella. The darkness, as well as the light parts of this book were so delicately written. Written in a way that while you may have been ticked at what was happening, you were able to understand why.

This book tore me apart but then put me back together again. I cried real tears at some points and laughed out loud at others. For me, this book isn’t just a book, it is an entire journey. The highs and the lows that these characters went through and the emotions that they dealt with were all so real. As I read through this book, every emotion the characters felt, I truly felt like I could feel them too. The chemistry that Ella created between Daphne and Lars was, at times, too much for me to handle! I am absolutely in awe of this book, and in awe of Ella. She wrote a book that evokes so much emotion, and I for one LOVE that in a book. Any book that can make me feel the things that Ella made me feel in ‘Forever and Never’ is a book that I will recommend to everybody! Hands down one of the best books I’ve read in 2019! I can’t wait for more from her!!

Forever and Never is now live and free with Kindle Unlimited! 

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