Stay With Me by Nicole Fiorina – REVIEW –


Mia feels nothing. No emotions, just nothing. When she is sent to a Dolor University, a reformatory college it’s her last chance to pull herself and her life together. If she doesn’t make things work at Dolor, she’ll be sent to jail. While at Dolor, she meets a boy named Ollie. Where Mia feels nothing, Ollie feels everything. From their first encounter it’s clear there is something between them. Ollie makes Mia feel whether she wants to or not. When the past comes knocking for both Ollie and Mia are they strong enough to get past it?

This may be Nicole Fiorina’s first book but trust me when I say, she writes like a seasoned vet. From the first page to the last I was enthralled with everything that was happening with this story. I don’t think an emotional rollercoaster is enough to describe the type of journey this book takes you on. Every emotion you can imagine is an emotion that you will feel while reading this book. Parts were so heartbreaking I wasn’t sure how the characters, let alone myself, could carry on. I need to know what happens next for Ollie and Mia because they’ve been through so much, they need their happily ever after.

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