The Captive Heart Duet by Carrie Aarons – REVIEW –


This duet was simply amazing. These two books aren’t typical of what Carrie Aaron’s usually writes, and I think that is what kept me on the edge of my seat. Don’t get me wrong, I seriously love every single one of Carrie’s books, they are beautifully written, and the romance is swoon worthy. This duet is grittier, there is more suspense, and some tragedy in these two books. This duet is a prime example of love winning in the end, but the journey to get to that point isn’t always the prettiest or smoothest.

Lost –

Charlotte is your typical good girl. She is a girl who loves a good book, and her life runs the same almost every day. Until one fateful day, when the boy she knew from childhood, comes charging into her life, and not in the good way. Tucker Lynch had it all, he was the golden boy, star football player, the world was his oyster, until one wrong step took it all away. Now he’s an addict who will stop at nothing to get his next fix. The plan he had gets thrown out of track when he runs into the one girl, he, while he never admitted it out loud, loved. From start to finish this story is one of betrayal, loss, and love, and the end will have you moving right along to the second book without a break!

Found –

Fast forward three years from the ending of ‘Lost’ and Charlotte and Tucker are trying to find their footing again. Their love hasn’t been easy, and it’s about to be put to an even bigger test. If you though you knew how book 2 in this duet was going to go, it gives me great pleasure to tell you, you were wrong! The obstacles that they face in this book will blow your mind, but also watching them grow not only as individuals but as a couple will make you so mind-blowingly happy. ‘Found’ is the epic conclusion in the -Captive Heart- duet, and Carrie Aaron’s handles it beautifully. 

Lost and Found, the Captive Heart Duet, is now live as a box set for just 99 cents!
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