To Have by Kali Brixton – REVIEW –

Life hasn’t been nice or easy for Deacon Devereaux. He suffered more in the first years of his life than many do. His saving grace was meeting Charlotte Kasen, and her family welcoming him with open arms. He’s always loved Charlotte, but the timing has never been quite right, and he made a vow to her brother at the tender age of 14 to keep his distance. The problem is now that they are older, keeping his distance is the last thing he wants to do.

Charlotte swore she was over Deacon, but she just can’t quite seem to give him up completely. When he comes sweeping back into her life, she can’t deny her feelings are still there.  However, she finds it hard to fully trust him when she can sense he is still keeping secrets. Deacon wants nothing more than to be with Charlotte, but obstacles from the past and some from the present keep getting placed in their way. The question they have to ask is, are the obstacles too much to overcome?

Kali Brixton’s debut novel is nothing short of AMAZING! This book is full of heart-breaking moments, and moments of pure love, and wrapped into one fantastic story. There are some hard topics that are talked about in this book, but Kali shows that those moments don’t define a person, it’s how they move forward that does. I loved everything about Charlotte and Deacon’s stories, and I absolutely loved the secondary characters in this book. I am so ready for the next book in this series!

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