Bachelor Boss by Sara Ney -REVIEW –


Phillip isn’t looking for a relationship, and he’s definitely not looking for one with his new temporary office mate. Afterall he has a bet to win, a bet that is now down to two men standing. He is already planning his win; however best laid plans don’t always turn out the way they were intended.

Spencer had never seen the guy who barfed in an office trash can before. Now he’s her temporary office roomie. They both take great joy in aggravating each other, but Spencer can’t ignore that Phillip is easy on the eyes. One week, they are stuck working with each other for one week, will they make it out alive?

I am absolutely loving this series. These guys seem super douchey but in reality, are some of the sweetest guys. I also really love that the leading ladies give as good as they get. The banter between Phillip and Spencer is out of this world hilarious, and Humphrey the basset hound is adorable, and the few chapters we get from Humphrey’s perspective are hilarious. Sara Ney is one of my go to authors when I’m looking for something that will make me laugh out loud, and Bachelor Boss is no exception. There were times I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. This was a great addition to the Bachelors Club series, and I can’t wait for the next book!!

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