What Do You Want? By K. Dosal McLendon – REVIEW –


My little Liam, I’ve been waiting for his book since the first one of the series, and I truly believe that K. Dosal McLendon saved the best Raynolds for last.

Liam loves his family, his friends, and soccer. He’s close to graduating, but still isn’t sure what his next step is after college. Before everyone heads back to campus, they take road trip to Miami, his siblings and their significant others, as well as his best friend Vanessa. There has always been something about Vanessa, but Liam never let himself see her as more than a friend, however one night changes everything. That night leaves Liam asking himself, is he willing to risk years of friendship to try and get the girl?

Vanessa has known her feelings for Liam for a long time, but as the clock ticks down to her end at college, Liam throws a wrench in things. She’s always been the girl that keeps everyone at arm’s length, never sharing too much of herself with anyone. As Liam knocks down the walls she’s built, it gets harder and harder to keep him at arm’s length. But when someone from Liam’s past comes barging into their present, all bets are off. As Vanessa gets closer to graduation, she has decisions to make, and the biggest question she has is, does she need to be including Liam in those plans?

Absolutely loved everything about this book. The back and forth between Liam and his siblings is hysterical at times, and honestly so heart-warming at others. I also loved that we got to see how Claire and Jake and Cole and Grace are doing in their relationships. This book may have been about Liam and Vanessa, but I feel like it was about family too. Hands down, this one is my all-time favorite of the ‘What Do You’ series. I can’t wait to see what K. Dosal McLendon does next!

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