That Swoony Feeling by Meghan Quinn – REVIEW –


Baby Brig is everything I hoped for and more! Meghan Quinn saved the best Knightly brother for last, and that was no small feat considering how absolutely fantastic every book in this series has been.

Brig Knightly loves love, the only problem is, he can’t seem to find a love for himself. When his brother Rogan tells him about a new pen pal program in Port Snow, Brig jumps at the opportunity. It doesn’t take long for him to start picturing a future with his pen pal and falling for a person whose name he doesn’t know. Then he started hanging out with Ruth Barber, and let’s just say that Brig wasn’t prepared for Ruth, or the loop she ends up throwing at him.

I have been waiting for Brig’s book since ‘That Second Chance’, there was just something about him that I needed. Let me tell you, Meghan Quinn delivered in a BIG way. Brig has the sweetest soul that you can’t help but love, however he can be awfully dense when it comes to what’s right in front of him. And Ruth, I seriously don’t think that Meghan could have written a better leading lady for our boy. Ruth comes off as shy, but she’s determined and honestly, by the end shy isn’t even a word I would use to describe her.

What I loved most about this book is that we still get to spend time with the Knightly family, they have all played such an integral role in each other’s stories, but with Brig being the baby, I felt like we needed them even more. The back and forth between the Knightly siblings will have you laughing out loud. I absolutely loved every single thing about this story. And I won’t spoil anything, but this was probably the best ‘Grand Gesture’ I think I’ve ever read. The tears were streaming down my face. Phenomenal story from one of my all-time favorites!


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USA Today bestselling author Meghan Quinn brings more humor and heart with the fourth novel of her Getting Lucky series: a story about breaking curses and finally finding that swoony feeling.

I’m single . . . so single it’s painful.

Yup, ladies, Brig Knightly–that’s me–is still a lonely bachelor, stumbling through the streets of Port Snow, looking for the girl he’s supposed to end up with.

That is until my brother, Rogan, presents me with the opportunity of a lifetime. The Summer of Love, a secret pen pal program in Port Snow is looking for applicants and I’m the perfect fit.

I couldn’t sign up fast enough.

I found myself quickly falling in love with a pair of red lips at the bottom of a letter. Just like in the movies . . .

Life could not have been better, that was until I started hanging out with Ruth Barber. Starting a new business right next to my shop, I found myself gravitating toward her. Her smile, her humor . . . her tea sandwiches.

My attraction for Ruth came in full force, leaving me dazed, confused, and *ahem* excited.

As new feelings for two women come to a screeching halt, I have to figure out who to choose. But when I discover my pen pal is Ruth, it might be too late.

All I want in life is to experience that swoony feeling . . . but I think I might have just missed my chance.

About the Author: 

USA Today Bestselling Author, wife, adoptive mother, and peanut butter lover. Author of romantic comedies and contemporary romance, Meghan Quinn brings readers the perfect combination of heart, humor, and heat in every book.

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