The Social Hour by Sophie Sinclair – REVIEW –


‘The Social Hour’ had just the right amount of witty banter, drama, and steam! This entire series is amazing, and I absolutely loved the connection between Andie and Cameron. The chemistry between the two was white hot, and I felt like you could almost feel the attraction just from reading the book!

I really feel like Andie and Cameron complimented each other, they were at different points in their lives, but came together in a beautiful way. Although, there were many times I wanted to smack the crap out of Cameron, I adore him. He needed someone who could hold her own and that’s exactly what Andie did.

Let us not forget about everybody else from the previous books either. It seriously brings me so much joy how much we got to catch up with Kiki and Tatum, Sarah and Lex, and T.J! Ugh, T.J is gold, and throw in Andie’s best friend Mandy and this book had me laughing out loud at some points! There were also points in this book that broke my heart.

I’m so sad that this series is over, but I don’t think that I could have asked for a better ending! I also highly recommend reading the first two books in this series to truly be able to immerse yourself in this world! Absolutely amazing story from Sophie Sinclair and I can’t wait to see what she writes next!


Anderson “Andie” Daniels wonders when she’s going to catch a break. A single mom in a new city, Andie desperately tries to stay afloat, but life keeps throwing her curveballs. She’s lonely, she’s tired, and she’s broke. She’s about to throw the towel in and crawl back home when she gets a job offer working for a stylist. Andie’s new job is keeping her head above water, but the hot bar owner downstairs may just pull her back under.

Cameron Forbes is successful, handsome, and single…and that’s how he likes it. Recently broken up from a long-term relationship and living in a new city, Cam decides to solely focus on his business, a successful string of bars called The Social Hour. His business is his baby, his mistress, and his responsibility. What he didn’t have perfectly planned out is the crazy woman who pops into his bar unexpectedly one afternoon. Cameron has to decide if he can let his heart overrule his head or if he’s destined to a life running The Social Hour.

Sometimes Life doesn’t go the way you planned it.

The Social Hour is the third book in the Coffee Book series. It’s a standalone novel, but the author suggests reading the first two books in the series because of returning characters


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