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Anyone can fall for her brother’s best friend…Tilly Logan fell for his enemy.

Football club lawyer, Santino Rossi is known in the locker room as the two-month chump. For years he’s been on a mission to find someone he can share his basil plant with and cure him of his former playboy ways.

Tilly Logan is a fiery, Scottish lass who didn’t bat an eye five years ago when a smoldering Italian pulled her into a nightclub bathroom. He was dark, dangerous, and exactly the good time Tilly was looking for—even if he worked for her over-protective brother’s team.

But a lot has changed and when Tilly returns to London five years later only to find herself trapped in an elevator with the smoldering Italian, it isn’t a happy reunion. Especially because her brother blames Santino for her high tailing it back to Scotland in the first place.

Tilly doesn’t want a replay of past mistakes and reconnecting with Santino is playing with fire.

But if they keep their relationship a secret, it could be worth the burn.


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Excerpt 1:

“Heading out already?” Tilly’s voice croaks, wavering slightly at the end as she stands behind me in the lift.

I exhale slowly, trying to calm my temper. Is it actually anger I’m feeling? No, no, that would be too easy. It’s more than that. Deeper.

It’s hurt.

Tilly Logan managed to fucking wound me in a way no woman ever has before.

“Yes,” I clip, staring up at the floor numbers as they tick downward at a snail’s pace.

Don’t engage, Santino. Don’t engage. It’s not worth it. Just wait for the lift ride to be over so you can both get the hell out of here.

“Didn’t like the band?”

“Band was fine.”

“Early meeting tomorrow morning?”

“Nope.” Just leave me alone, Tilly. You don’t want me to drop truth on you right now.

A few seconds of silence before, “Then why leave so early?”

“Why are you leaving early?” I snap, unable to hide the annoyance in my voice. I glance over my shoulder and add icily, “You’re usually up for a good party.”

“The same could be said for you,” she retorts, her eyes narrowed in challenge.

I bark out a laugh. “It’s funny how things change, isn’t it?”

Suddenly, the lift stalls, and the lights go black leaving only the red emergency bulb illuminating the small space.

“What the fuck?” Tilly shrills, and we both look over at the lift panel to see that we’ve stopped. “What’s happened?”

“I don’t know.” Stepping up to the keypad, I press the emergency call button.

“Oiy, can I help you?” A voice crackles through the small speaker.

“Yes, our lift just stopped, and the emergency light came on,” I reply crisply.

“Yes, we can see that. Our repairman will head up right now to see what all the fuss is about.”

“Fuck,” Tilly mutters and then steps forward. “Can we get out and walk down?”

“You want to walk down fifty floors in that?” I point at her dress and shoes, my irritation ratcheting up to a whole new level as I realise she would rather hoof it down a million flights of stairs than be stuck in this lift with me.

“You’re stuck between two floors, Miss, so that won’t be possible. No worries, though. We’ll do our very best to get you out as soon as possible.”

“Oh my God,” Tilly groans when the speaker shuts off. Turning, she runs her hands through her long hair. “This is awful.”

“Calm down,” I grumble, not able to control the disdain in my voice as I watch her shift nervously in the small space. “I won’t be bothering you.”


Amy Daws is an Amazon Top 13 bestselling author of sexy, contemporary romance novels. She enjoys writing love stories that take place in America, as well as across the pond in England. When Amy is not writing in a tire shop waiting room, she’s watching Gilmore Girls, or singing karaoke in the living room with her daughter while Daddy smiles awkwardly from a distance. 
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