Surprise Announcement from Serena Akeroyd – The Last Bachelor Duet –

by Serena Akeroyd

Serena Akeroyd is excited to announce The Last Bachelor Duet. Rex and his First Lady Rachel each get a book in this highly anticipated series finale of A Dark and Dirty Sinners MC Series New Jersey Chapter.

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Rex ➩
Rachel ➩
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Rex ➩
Rachel ➩
Rachel always thought I was wasting my life on the Sinners, but being Prez is all I’ve ever wanted to be.
When she tore us apart on her journey to become someone, I let her go. I made sacrifices for her, because I knew why she had to prove herself.
I just didn’t realize that’d involve freezing me out for years.
Now, she’s the best criminal attorney in the Tri-State Area, and I’m still Prez—only my world is falling apart.
The MC is under scrutiny, our dirty secrets are being laundered in the public eye, and some of my brothers could be facing jail time.
Only one woman can stop that from happening.
She’ll fight for my brothers, but will she fight for us?
It took a death for me to realize a hard truth:
I’m not just the Sinners’ lawyer.
They’re not just clients.
They’re family.
But my family is broken, torn apart by politics and dangerous factions who want to control us.
It’s no longer enough to stick to the sidelines. It’s not enough to be the face of the law amid the MC.
It’s time to ascend.
Rex needs his First Lady.
It’s time to go to war.
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