Filthy Sinner by Serena Akeroyd – REVIEW –


This was exactly what I needed after finishing ‘Filthy Lies’ and ‘Filthy Truth’. Mary Cat and Digger’s story was just what I needed to pull me out of my Fecker’s ending hangover!

Mary Cat is AMAZING. So strong and resilient, the things that she witnessed and had to go through herself, only added to that strength! When she takes her life into her own hands by sneaking to the Sinner’s compound…GAH I just don’t have words for the girl crush I developed from that move alone!

And Digger, excuse me while I swoon for that man. He is what dreams are made of a ‘bad boy’ with white knight tendencies?! What more could you ask for?! These two are opposites on paper, but they are the PERFECT complement for each other! She brings out his caring side, while he brings out her wild side!

Adored, absolutely flipping adored this book! If you haven’t read the Fecker’s and the Sinner’s books this is the perfect book to read to get you prepped for those worlds! And for those of us that have read the Fecker’s and Sinner’s this book is a book that will leave you with a smile on your face!

You thought you’d be missing them forever, but revisit old friends and family from a Dark and Dirty Sinners’ MC Series and The Five Points Mob Collection in the story where the crossover began!

Filthy Sinner by Serena Akeroyd is now live! 

When my father tries to force me to marry one of his cronies, I run away to my half-brother’s home.
He’s the black sheep of the family, a biker, not an Irish mobster. At the Satan’s Sinners’ MC compound, I find more than I bargained for.
Not my brother, ironically, but a man who gives a whole other meaning to ‘white knight.’
He’s dark and mysterious, a seeker of answers and a finder of truths.
Even better? He offers me an out, a shotgun wedding in Vegas.
I just don’t realize he has an ulterior motive.
But he doesn’t know I have one too…

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Meet Serena

USA Today and International Best Selling Author Serena Akeroyd aka G. A. Mazurke is most known for her mafia and MC series set in the Five Points Mob Universe. 

Avid reader of all things romance, she first started her career as a why choose author in both contemporary and paranormal.

She eventually made her way to MF romance where she found her groove with the O’Donnelly brothers, the Satan Sinners and most recently the Valentini Family.

In her back list you can find some MM, MF, MFM and Why Choose romances. HEA guaranteed!

When not writing Serena is either reading, traveling or coloring.

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