Last Round by Nicole Rodrigues – REVIEW –

Alessandra has had a rough life, from a mother who wasn’t there, to a father she didn’t know. She relied on the wrong people and paid dearly for it. She’s trying to change her life, and climb up from the bottom. She is working at Double Play and trying to support herself and her son Peter with the help of Miguel, and the entire Gavinwood and Turner families.

Miguel has also had a rough life, his childhood was unlike many others, and he’s grateful that he and his sister, Normani, were able to change their lives around. When Nico brings Alessandra to Miguel to help keep her and her son safe, he isn’t expecting to be so instantly attracted to her, nor was Alessandra expecting to be so attracted to Miguel. They both have pasts that have left them shattered, neither thinking that they are deserving of love. As the two get to know each other and open up about their troubled pasts, they can’t deny the pull they feel towards one another. But when Alessandra’s past comes back to stir up trouble, can Miguel trust the woman he has grown to love?

I wasn’t ready to finish this book. I’ve been waiting for Alessandra and Miguel since I read Nico and Lacey’s book. I needed to know how they were going to work. Nicole didn’t disappoint. I instantly fell in love with Alessandra and Peter, and I’ve been in love with Miguel since we first met him…haha! I almost felt like I could physically feel the pull between the two myself from the wording and the picture that Nicole painted. I love all of the Gavinwood’s and Turner’s but something about Alessandra’s story just spoke to me on a different level. I also love that in all of the books in the Double Play Series, we get to catch up with characters from the previous books. I won’t spoil it, but Gabe, man oh man did he just redeem himself so much from when we first met him. If you haven’t read the other books in this series, I recommend reading them first, but it isn’t absolutely necessary! These books make you feel like a part of the story and I’m just hoping Nicole will maybe give us some books later about the second generation!

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