The Taste of Redemption by I. A. Dice – COVER REVEAL –

Title: The Taste of Redemption (Deliverance Duet #2)

Author: I.A. Dice

Release: May 29, 2020

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: NET Hook & Line Design


It’s easier to hide behind a mask than let the true colours shine.

It’s easier to love and suffer than love and inflict pain.

It’s easier to wait for better days than turn the tide.

Good intentions pave the road to Nadia’s own little hell. Her past becomes her present, the vicious cycle starts again, but she’s not a helpless, fragile girl anymore. Thomas taught her that she’s a survivor. 

When the past unleashes its full potential, selflessness gives way to selfishness. 

There’s just one problem… the bridge that leads back to the safe haven of Thomas’s arms is destroyed.

Thomas struggles to take a step forward. The aftermath of Nadia’s decision leaves him exposed and wondering whether he deserves to live a meaningful life. The goal is simple–forget about the girl that made him a better man.

But when she runs back home and uncovers her secrets, the foundations of his resolution are shaken.

There’s just one thing standing in the way… forgiveness isn’t in his nature.

Bury me underground, cover me with a stone and I’ll dig the bones out, anyway. What am I? 

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