My Favorite Dish by Kenzie Reed – REVIEW –


This was a fun, enemies to lovers read with some seriously hilarious moments throughout! It was a quick and easy read that I really enjoyed. It has everything I want in a rom-com; witty banter, off the charts chemistry, and secondary characters that bring the story full circle. 

Riley and Sawyer are the perfect blend of sugar and spice. Riley is seriously sweet, but I love when she stands up for herself. She isn’t quite the pushover Sawyer was hoping she’d be. Sawyer on the other hand can be pretty grumpy, but watching him get picked on by the townspeople was laugh out loud funny, and Riley brought out a softer side of him.

I also have to say that Riley’s best friend Alex is freaking hilarious. She is the best friend we all need and love. All in all this was a fun and quick read. 


Kenzie Reed

Release Date: February 17

Running away from a disaster of a divorce? Starting my life over from scratch?  My friends and family have ideas.

Open an artist’s colony on a beautiful coastal island, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.  “They” haven’t met Sawyer Hendricks, the gorgeous, growly celebrity chef who claims he owns the dream hotel that I just inherited.  

“They” haven’t been terrorized by a flock of foul-mouthed feral parrots.  “They” haven’t been treated to the sight of Sawyer’s magnificent backside as he hogs the only working shower in our – I mean my – waterfront mansion.  “They” haven’t run smack up against a cranky gang of geriatric islanders who will stop at nothing to ensure that life on Rocky Shoals never changes.

Then again, “they” haven’t experienced what it feels like to be kissed by a man who has a Ph.D. in giving lip service.  “They” haven’t been spoon fed tiramisu by moonlight.  

So, maybe “they” are on to something after all…or maybe this whole escapade is just a recipe for disaster. 

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Meet Kenzie Reed:

Kenzie Reed lives in beautiful New England and is addicted to happily ever afters. She has a black belt in sarcasm and makes the worst puns ever—just ask her kids. She spends her days clearing dog fur from her keyboard and dreaming up snarky dialogue for sexy heroes. Her taste in books ranges from science fiction to thrillers to romantic comedy, and her bookcases have multiple personality disorder. She loves to hear from readers!

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