The Penalty Shot by Maren Moore – LIVE NOW –

The Penalty Shot

By Maren Moore

Release date: September 1


The one and only rule: Nothing affects our roommate agreement. 

Being a single mom, my life revolves around rules.

But…some rules are meant to be broken.

And my new roommate is the temptation I can’t afford.

Asher Hart, the handsome, tattooed hockey player who’s doing everything he can to penetrate the walls around my heart.

I should have known that he would be trouble… but maybe a little trouble is exactly what I need.

He tells me I’m his good girl. That he’s proud of me. And shows me a side of myself I never knew existed until he walked into my life.

No matter how addicted I am to the way he makes me feel, I know it’s only temporary.

And now I just have to find a way to protect my heart from being the penalty. 

The Penalty Shot, book five in the Totally Pucked series is a complete standalone.

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